Customer Rights

At Metamorphic, we are serious about treating our customers fairly, with dignity and respect. Our customers have a right to expect that their agency, data, integrity, privacy, and security are protected by design.

Customer Expectations


You have the right to expect that your data is yours. You can delete it any time, and consent is never implied.


You have the right to expect that your account and data are private. You decide with whom and when to share it.


You have the right to expect that your account and data are secure. You are protected with in-app, at-rest, and in-transit encryption by design.

Customer Rights January 1, 2021

As a customer of Metamorphic, you are hereby granted the right to:

Software built to code

You don't "opt-in" to buildings with faulty wiring and no fire exits. You shouldn't have to "opt-in" to their digital equivalent either.

We created a building code for Metamorphic, along with a code of ethics, to create a new principle for our software — agency by design.

Read our built to code for the full details.

Own the data in your account

That data in your account is yours. Period. We have no interest in your data other than keeping it private and secure.

Download or delete your data from within your account at any time.

Read our terms of use for the full details.

The privacy of your account

Privacy is a fundamental human right. When you use Metamorphic, or simply visit our website, you deserve to be able to do so privately.

We employ zero tracking and spyware, third-party or otherwise, and filter out sensitive information from any system logs (which are ephemeral). We are always working hard to keep your data private from the rest of the world.

Read our privacy policy for the full details.

The security of your account

We are serious about the security of your account. We employ several different layers of encryption: in-app, at-rest, and in-transit to protect your account and its data.

Our in-app asymmetric encryption ensures that nobody can access your account data, not even us, thanks to the state-of-the-art NaCl/libsodium libraries.

Read our security policy for the full details.

Be treated like a human being

Too many tech companies lose sight of the fact that the people on their platforms are human beings. Not so here.

You deserve to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

This extends to our fair pricing that includes all of our features, now and in the future.

Request features and be heard

At Metamorphic, your voice matters to us. This means that you can email our support team at any time to request new features.

Your request will be considered when we make changes.

If your feature request is accepted into a new feature on Metamorphic, then we will respond to your email to let you know how you made a difference.

Leave gracefully

You are never tricked nor trapped into sticking around. You can cancel effortlessly from within your account, at any time, and receive a prorated refund for the remaining time left on your current subscription period.

We know we're not for everyone, and that's okay.

Read our hassle-free policy for the full details.

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