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On other platforms, like Facebook, you are the raw material that is harvested to make their products which include manipulating and controlling you just outside of your awareness. That's their price for "free". On Metamorphic, our free accounts are supported by paid subscriptions. Paid subscribers receive more storage and features and support our non-profit partners and mission to bring privacy and security to everyone.

If you forget your password, then you will no longer be able to access your account. Please do not forget your password. We designed Metamorphic to protect your privacy, even from us, which means that we cannot reset your password without also corrupting any existing account data. We opted to remove the ability to reset a password as that may allow a third-party to lock you out of your own account. Please store your password in a safe and accessible place.

Yes! You can easily change your password from within your account settings.

First, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account. You can do so from within your account settings. Then, select the "remember me" checkbox the next time you log in, before you submit your 2FA credentials.

Early Access is a pre-launch phase where you can be one of the first people to start using Metamorphic and begin connecting and sharing privately and securely with the people in your life. It is also a period where we are still working things out with the service and don't yet feel 100% ready for the official public launch. You can think of it like an alpha or beta stage, and you get to influence the outcome of the service through your use and feedback.

No! Your data is yours and only accessible to you and the people you choose to share with.

We are proud to be partnered with The Land Institute, Wild Salmon Center, Pacific Forest Trust, SAVE, and Stripe's Climate Program.