Stay in touch with letters

The beauty of the written word at the speed of real-time. Write and share with the people in your life quickly and privately.

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Share more than words

With support for mathematics symbols (and more in the future), you can easily share diverse thoughts and ideas to complement your flowing prose.

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Share and remember memories

Share memories with the people you choose, easily and privately. Favorite the ones you love the most and quickly see which memories are yours, shared with you, or being shared.

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You are in control

You are always in control of your memories. Easily select and share with any of your connections. If you decide to stop sharing a memory with someone, or delete your account, all instances of your shared memory (or memories) will be wiped clean across the entire service in real-time.

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Your circle of people

Easily view and manage all of the people in your life. Share different avatars with different people, reclassify or end relationships, and pause sharing without being rude.

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Privately screen requests

Relationship requests will show up in your People Queue, which allows you to privately screen the request. The request process is 1-way agnostic so that the requestor can never be certain if the requestee has an account, if they received their request, and if they declined their request.

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See people through portals

Open a Portal to begin video chatting privately and securely. Easily share Portals with friends or the whole family, or make a Portal for each person in your life, it's up to you.

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Your pass to safety

Gone are the days of fiddling with security. Portal Pass works behind-the-scenes when you create and share Portals to keep you and the people you share with private and secure. Simply focus on your life and be sure that it's protected.

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Your right to privacy

We have designed our service to ensure your right to privacy while providing you with the ability to easily connect and share with the people in your life. As rights need protecting, we implement multiple safety features for your privacy, including a pwned email checker, two-factor authentication (2FA), and a memorable passphrase generator.

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Protected by strong security

We use state of the art encryption from the NaCl/libsodium libraries to keep you safe. The only one with access to your account, and data, is you — and whoever you choose to share it with, only for as long as you choose to share.

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