Why Metamorphic? Transform your life

It's an idea. Metamorphic isn't going to change your life over night, at least not noticeably. But, if you do switch off all social media and start using Metamorphic, then you certainly will notice their absence — and a transformation underway.

But switching entirely off your existing networks is an extreme scenario, and we don't expect you to do that. What's more likely to happen is a gradual shift in your experiences as you start to augment some of your existing online life with Metamorphic.

  • Break free of information control
  • Disconnect your self from extraction supply chains
  • Reconnect to a shared sense of truth

The moment you start Metamorphic, you will create a gap in the extraction tube attached to you. Through this gap, intimate information about you will slip out and away from megacorporations. As you turn to Metamorphic more, and the surveillance platforms less, that gap will grow and so to the amount of autonomy in your life.

Fresh start

Other platforms have gigantic digital identities constructed of you that influences everything you see, do, and experience online and off. And every second your identity grows to include newly extracted data and its algorithmically-determined meaning.

That simply doesn't exist here. It's like you suddenly disappeared off their radar and they're simply waiting for you to come back (nudging you more likely).

Since there is no profiling or tracking here, it doesn't matter how often or long you use Metamorphic — you will always be free to redefine your identiy, existence, thoughts, and experiences as you see fit.

On other platforms, you are trapped in an identity that you have no control over — an identity endlessly evolving toward the singular goal of controlling your every waking thought, feeling, and behavior.

You will always have a fresh start on Metamorphic, even if you're already here.

Better way

Social media and surveillance platforms (some look like search engines) offer free "services" to find and source raw material (us) for their products (behavioral futures) that they sell to the highest bidder. Being rendered into human "ore" shouldn't be the way to go whenever you want to share a photo with a friend or hop on a video call with your family.

At Metamorphic it's much better — and simpler. You pay for access to Metamorphic and you are then free to connect and share with the people in your life. Your information is yours. We simply provide the service to enable you to share it with others, at your discretion and for your benefit.

Metamorphic is here for you, not the other way around.

Improved focus

Metamorphic won't steal your attention away with dark-pattern designs, aka dopamine hits. You won't see that red notification badge that pulls you away from whatever you're doing or thinking. You won't get sucked into scrolling your way to mental oblivion.

You won't see a lot of things that you do on other platforms because a lot of those things end up making you feel worse. They weigh on you, exhaust you, and stress you out.

Here on Metamorphic you'll find that your mind is free to think about whatever you actually want to think about. You aren't left wondering where the end is, or if something better is around the corner, or being pulled back into a cycle of thoughts you had left behind.

On Metamorphic your mind and focus are yours. We can only wonder as to the amazing things you'll do with it.


Privacy is essential to our life. If we want to have any freedom and autonomy (even the freedom of thought), then we need privacy. It's not about "hiding", it's about space: the space to practice, explore, discover, refine, and reinvent — our selves and our lives. None of that is possible without privacy.

Metamorphic is designed for privacy: we can't see your Memories, we can't read your Letters, and we can't spy on your Portals (nor any of our other features). Everything is only accessible to you and whomever you choose to connect and share with.

You've got space here.

Indie dev

Metamorphic is bootstrapped by a tiny team (currently, just Mark). We don't have VCs' interests at stake. We care about taking care of our customers and making a great product that benefits our customers and our communities.

Why not Metamorphic?

Metamorphic isn't for everybody and that's okay! Below are some reasons why we wouldn't be a good fit for you right now:

  1. You want to run your business on Metamorphic (we don't currently support businesses — if you want this, then we'd love to hear from you).
  2. You don't like change and want all the same features as the surveillance platforms. We're small, under construction, and different!
  3. You want to spread disinformation, spy on people, harvest data, or harass others (those things just don't work very well here).