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Core Theory

Metamorphic is our drop in the bucket for people. Small, independent, and remarkably refreshing.

Mark, co-founder at Core Theory

On a mission to empower you

Surveillance capitalism powers today's major social networks and their ecosystem of companies and applications. Our desire to connect has been hijacked and our very nature, and autonomy, is at stake in this unprecedented shift of power (just ask Australia).

So, our little company set out to build Metamorphic to give people another choice for connecting online. A choice that empowers you. Free from the surveillance and attention economy.

To do so, we're taking great strides to protect your privacy and security while using our service. We're also designing addiction-free features that won't steal you away from living and enjoying your life. Metamorphic is for you, not the other way around.

And that's not all. As parents, we needed to ensure that our business would contribute positively to our communities in other tangible ways. So, we partnered with organizations that are shaping our world for the better.

We've got lots of exciting features planned and in development, always at no additional cost to you, so we hope you join us on this road to a better online life.

Early access

Social connection built for people

Easy, intuitive, and yours. Spark the next innovation or simply connect with loved ones, it's up to you and on your time. Below are our launch features with new features on the way and always included with your subscription.


Share digital letters in real-time with your connections for more long-form correspondence.


Share and remember with the people in your life, no one else. Your memories should be yours.


Your one stop-shop for managing your relationships, complete with a people queue for privacy.


Open a portal with 1-or-more people to see and share with each other, privately and securely.

A better way to connect

We are not just a privacy-oriented alternative to social media. We are a more human approach to connecting and sharing online. This means features and design choices that work to help us rather than to exploit us.

A fresh start

Connect and share with the people in your life with ease and privacy. Future features will give you the power over how to build your network and much more.

Built for people

Designed to be easy and fun, empowering and private. Share with colleagues, family, and friends free from the worry of the attention and surveillance economy.

Customer rights

From ownership of your data to hassle-free policies, you have the right to be treated fairly, with kindness and respect, and you have the right to privacy and security.

New features free

When you subscribe to Metamorphic, you are paying for our current features. But, you get that and more because new features are always included for free.

A different way

We are not a clone of the existing networks. Your photos won't track you, your networks won't marginalize you, and your information is under your control.

Goodbye profiling

Finally, your life online can run free from data harvesting and profiling. With asymmetric encryption, and zero profiling, you can share your life online without being controlled by it.

Information control

You decide what to share and who to share it with. You can also control what you see from the people sharing with you, without them knowing your choices.
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A rock solid foundation

Whether directly or indirectly, we have received incredible support from individuals and organizations. We wouldn't be here without you, thank you.

Super thank you

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